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8 New Looks for the Color-Shy Guy

Maximize your impact with these subtle but eye-popping add-ons

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    Hue Light Up My Life

    En español | Face it. Your wardrobe has a bad case of the neutral color blues, and now you want to add some pizzazz without being too conspicuous. Relax. We’ve found just the accessories to help you do that — so click on.

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  • Row Of Men's Colorful Socks, Black Shoes, Fashion, Eight Styles for Color Shy Guys
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    Footwear can make or break your look, especially with a business suit. Once you’ve found a comfortable and dressy pair of black or brown brogues, leaven that formal look with socks in a bold color or pattern.

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    If you think colorful socks send too flip a message, but you still crave happy feet, experiment with brightly colored shoelaces. This is a trendy but nuanced way to give somber shoes just the right amount of lift.

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  • Red Eyeglasses, Man, Fashion, Eight Styles For Color Shy Guys
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    Women and younger men shouldn’t have all the fun with eyeglasses, right? Rock some vintage frames in a colorful and fashionable style to signal that you’re a modern man who never needs to try too hard.

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  • Red Tweed Jacket, Bowtie, Yellow Pocket Sqaure, Mens Fashion, Eight Styles For Color Shy Guys

    A Pocket Square

    This embellishment is not as tricky to pull off as you might imagine. Shun the predictable move — matching a pocket square to your necktie — and instead find an effervescent plaid, paisley or patterned pocket square; you’ll be adding welcome flair to any standard suit.

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  • Drawer, Multiple Colorful Neckties, Eight Styles For Color Shy Guys
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    A Natty Necktie

    Yup, that old standby can still brighten the most drab business garb. But why stop at the expected red or blue options? Picking a more radiant, adventuresome tie color and pattern will quickly earn you style points.

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  • Mens Fashion, Scarf, Pocket Squre, Bowtie, Eight Styles For Color Shy Guys
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    A Stylish Scarf

    You’ve seen other guys sporting this look and wondered, “Hey, could I pull that off?” Give it a try! When pairing this item with a business suit or dress shirt, devote enough thought to tying and draping so that the scarf doesn’t look sloppy. Then … prepare to dazzle!

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  • Mens Fashion, Bracelets, Tweed Jacket, Vest, Eight Styles For Color Shy Guys
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    Wearing a colorful man’s bracelet is a discreet yet effective way to tell the world you’re comfortable in your skin. (“Just because I’m in this meeting doesn’t mean I’ve lost my playful side.”) If you’re hesitant, test the style waters by wearing just one.

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  • Man, Fashion, Jacket, Blue Dress Shirt, Eight Styles For Color Shy Guys
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    A Dress Shirt That Pops

    Nothing gives a neutral suit or slacks more of a jolt than a well-fitted and colorful shirt. Still a bit color-shy? Just steer clear of bold patterns; you’ll also want to make sure the color complements your complexion. Then you’ll be fine — no, make that fabulous!  

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