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10 Celebrities Who Gave Their Moms the Star Treatment

These famous people make their mothers feel extra special

  • Rhianna, Celebrity Mother's Day Gifts
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    R&B and pop star Rihanna surprised her mother, Monica, by giving her a five-bedroom house in Barbados during a 2012 interview with Oprah Winfrey. “'I wanted to do this for you for a very long time,” the singer said.

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  • Terry Bridgewater, NFL, Athlete, Football, Celebrity Mother's Day Gifts
    Craig Ruttle

    Terry Bridgewater

    When he was in elementary school, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Terry Bridgewater promised his mother Rose Murphy that he someday would give her a pink Cadillac Escalade. A few days before Mother's Day 2014, he did.

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  • David Beckham, Athlete, Soccer, Celebrity Mother's Day Gifts

    David Beckham

    Retired British soccer star David Beckham reportedly gave his mother, Sandra (pictured here), and mother-in-law, Jacqueline, $45,000 Audi Q3s for Mother’s Day in 2013.

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  • Dwayne Wade, NBA, Athlete, Basketball, Celebrity Mother's Day Gifts
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    Dwayne Wade

    Dwayne Wade, a superstar guard for the NBA’s Miami Heat, is proud of his mother, Jolinda, for overcoming drug use and imprisonment to become a minister. In 2008, he purchased a church, the Temple of Praise, where she could preach.

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor, Celebrity Mother's Day Gifts
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    Leonardo DiCaprio

    In 2006, actor Leonardo DiCaprio dedicated a grove of trees to his mother, Irmelin, and grandmother Helene as a Mother’s Day gift. “Planting trees is a great way to say thank you to the mothers in our lives," the film star said.

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  • Hoda Kotb, Celebrity Mother's Day Gifts
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    Hoda Kotb

    In 2014, NBC newswoman Hoda Kotb (the Today show’s fourth-hour host, with Kathie Lee Gifford) flew to Washington, D.C., and surprised her mother, Sameha, with a bouquet of flowers at a restaurant. She showed the smartphone recording on air the next day.

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  • Beyonce, Singer, Celebrity Mother's Day Gifts
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    Singer Beyoncé reportedly gave her mom, Tina, a $5.9 million mansion in Piney Point Village, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Houston, on Mother’s Day 2013.

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  • Cesar Millan, Dog Trainer, Dog Whisperer, Celebrity Mother's Day Gifts
    Courtesy Cesar Millan, Inc.

    Cesar Millan

    TV dog trainer Cesar Millan uploaded a Mother's Day video in 2014, in which he thanked his mom, Maria Teresa, for the tsch! sound that he makes when training dogs. He says she used the same sound on him when he was growing up. 

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  • Taylor Swift, Singer, Celebrity Mother's Day Gifts
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    Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift wrote the song “The Best Day” about her mom, Andrea, and included it as a CD single inside her Mother’s Day card collection for American Greetings in 2011. The singer said that she remembered “all of the times that she was my only friend when I was 13.”

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  • LeBron James, Athlete, Basketball, NBA, Celebrity Mother's Day Gifts
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    LeBron James

    LeBron James gave his mother, Gloria, a Porsche for her birthday in 2014. Last year he also wrote a tribute to her for the Today show website. “Everything I know about being loving and caring, and sacrificing and showing up and being present in my children’s lives — I learned all of that from her example,” he said.

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