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Sheryl Crow Turns 50

The Grammy Award winning singer is one of many celebrities celebrating a birthday in February

Sheryl Crow turns 50 on February 11. Yes, 50.

Go ahead. Google it. But don’t pay attention to the pictures you find, because we’re only saying that Crow, who has sold more than 35 million albums worldwide and won a slew of Grammys, is 50. We’re not saying she looks 50.

The gorgeous Missouri native started her music career as a backup singer for Michael Jackson in the late 1980s, then broke through in a big way when her 1993 debut solo album, Tuesday Night Music Club, went platinum seven times over in the United States, and spawned the earworm hit “All I Wanna Do.”

Since then, she has released six more albums — most recently 2010’s 100 Miles from Memphis — and more hit songs, including “If It Makes You Happy” and “My Favorite Mistake.” She’s a breast cancer survivor and advocate, having been diagnosed with the disease in 2006, shortly after her breakup from cyclist Lance Armstrong.

These days, she’s dating musician Doyle Bramhall II, raising her two young sons and writing the music for a Broadway version of the 1982 film Diner, set to hit the Great White Way this fall. Oh, and making 50 look fantastic.

Other celebrity birthdays in February:

February 2: Christie Brinkley (58)
February 4: Lawrence Taylor (53)
February 4: Alice Cooper (64)
February 5: Jennifer Jason Leigh (50)

February 5: Barbara Hershey (64)
February 6: Axl Rose (50)

February 6: Natalie Cole (62)
February 6: Tom Brokaw (72)
February 7: Garth Brooks (50)
February 7: Eddie Izzard (50)

February 7: James Spader (52)
February 8: John Grisham (57)
February 8: Nick Nolte (71)
February 8: John Williams (80)
February 9: Mia Farrow (67)
February 11: Burt Reynolds (76)
February 14: Florence Henderson (78)
February 15: Jane Seymour (61)
February 15: Matt Groening (58)
February 16: John McEnroe (53)
February 16: Ice-T (54)
February 17: Rene Russo (58)
February 18: John Travolta (58)
February 18: Cybill Shepherd (62)
February 19: Smokey Robinson (72)
February 20: Sidney Poitier (85)
February 21: Kelsey Grammer (57)
February 21: Alan Rickman (66)
February 24: Edward James Olmos (65)
February 25: Bob Schieffer (75)
February 26: Michael Bolton (59)
February 28: Bernadette Peters (64)
February 29: Tony Robbins (52)

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