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AARP Calls for Nursing Homes to Require Boosters Amid Record COVID-19 Surges

Infection rates are skyrocketing past what they were during last winter's peaks

Our leaders must act immediately to stem the loss of life due to coronavirus and improve conditions in America’s long-term care facilities.

What You Should Know

How Caregivers Can Live Safely Amid COVID

​Weigh the risks and make an informed choice​

Nursing Homes Are Vulnerable to COVID This Winter

New risks are 'a recipe for a disaster,' one expert says, threatening much more illness and carnage

Feds Drop Most Restrictions on Nursing Home Visits

Facilities are being told to open up

Vaccine Mandates Are Hitting Nursing Homes

How many workers are choosing to walk instead?

Stiffer Penalties for Nursing Home Violations Restored

Move follows more than 184,000 COVID deaths

10 Questions to Ask If a Loved One Is In a Nursing Home

Guidance for caregivers during the pandemic

Action Needed Now on Long-Term Care Reform

Outdated care system is in dire need of an overhaul

Answers to Your Question About Nursing Homes

The latest on evolving rules, your rights and more

These Nursing Home Workers Are COVID's Unsung Heroes

Portraits capture their bonds with residents

Inside Nursing Homes: Real Stories During Coronavirus

Personal accounts from residents, families, workers

Nursing Homes are Filled with Empty Beds

Facilities with high vacancy are struggling


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