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Marlys Meckler, 81, on left, meets with her husband, Milton Meckler, 87, at his assisted living facility that opened its doors to visitors 6 months after the coronavirus restricted in-person visits.

Feds Tell Nursing Homes to Open for Visitors

Cites benefits of interaction for residents, threatens citations if homes don't comply

You can help protect nursing home residents. Woman sitting alone, crying.

Our leaders must act immediately to stem the loss of life due to coronavirus and improve conditions in America’s long-term care facilities.

Fighting For You

a message from jo ann jenkins on coronavirus

Fighting for Nursing Home Transparency

Changes need to be made

A nursing home aide holds a phone to assist a nursing home resident with a virtual visit

AARP Urges Funding for Nursing Homes

Asks Congress to back 5-point plan

get help and give help is the tagline for a new community connections a a r p website at a a r p community connections dot org

AARP Community Connections Tool

Linking volunteers with people in need

a woman wearing protective gear giving a coronavirus test to a female nursing home resident

Senators Back Virtual Visits, More Testing

Offer ideas for nursing homes at forum

What You Should Know

Husband and wife hugging at his nursing home.

Some Nursing Homes Expand Visits for 'Essential Caregivers'

New policies, inciting hope — and worry

A blurred close up of a man holding a cane

6 Questions to Ask If a Loved One Is In a Nursing Home

Guidance for caregivers during the pandemic

A man walks up stairs to a polling location to vote in an election

Pandemic Threatens Voting in Long-Term Care

COVID is making it harder for residents to cast ballots

Two woman wearing face masks visiting their mother outside of a nursing home

Track Status of Nursing Home Visits by State

Some are accepting visitors, but protocols vary widely

side by side image. on left helen smiling wearing a Hawaiian leion right helen laying sick in a hospital bed

Is Isolation Killing Older Adults in Long-Term Care?

Lockdowns have created a mental health crisis

Health care worker in PPE giving a COVID-19 test to a woman

Feds Require COVID Tests for All Nursing Home Staff

Facilities with evidence of virus must offer tests

Resident and staff member at the Green House Homes in Colorado setting the table for dinner.

Family-Style Nursing Homes Are Weathering the Pandemic

How these smaller facilities have reduced outbreaks

Woman in a wheelchair looking out the window of her nursing home room

Answers to Your Question About Nursing Homes

The latest on evolving rules, your rights and more

Nursing Homes in Crisis

Two nurses don PPE protective gear of plastic gowns, face masks, face shields and gloves prior to entering a quarantined patient's room in isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic, Midwest, USA

Congress Pressed for Nursing Home Reform

'Mama was trapped in a petri dish'

A nurse helping a nursing home patient walk down the hallway

Minority Facilities More Vulnerable

Higher death rates, more cases

Man wearing gloves using disinfecting spray to clean a door handle at a nursing home

Website Tracks Virus in Nursing Homes

Government offers weekly updates

two E M S workers picks up a suspected Covid 19 patient at a nursing home

Care Facilities Seek Legal Immunity

Nearly 20 states adopted measures


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