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Making the Big Decision to Sell Your Family Home

Yes, it’s an emotional process – but moving has several happy upsides, too

Moving away from a family home triggers a lot of emotions. You might be leaving a house where you nurtured your children, raised the family dog, planted your prized roses, and made countless happy memories. It’s only natural to feel emotional and a little anxious about the uncertainty that’s ahead. At the same time, change opens new doors of possibilities, and that is a positive thing. 

Selling your family home and buying a new house is a significant change, but it can also be exciting if you have the right mindset and the right agent at your side. With a real estate agent from one of Anywhere‘s trusted real estate brands, you’re already closer to finding the right home. Here are five guidelines for the real estate buying success:

Have Confidence: 5 Guidelines for Real Estate Buying Success  

Making Your New Home, Home Sweet Home

While it’s true you’re leaving one physical space for another, there are ways to incorporate the warmth and comfort of your old home into your new one. 

Recreate Spaces Similar to What You Loved in Your Old Home

Think back to the spaces that brought you joy in your old house – like the dining room table that was home to many family meals and fun game nights, or your reading nook where you could get lost in a good book. Then, imagine how you could recreate those spaces in your new home to keep those happy memories alive.

Get a Little Crafty with a Keepsake Box

Your family photos and kindergarten art projects might be scattered across your old house. Curate a keepsake box filled with family mementos you can conveniently look through whenever the mood strikes. Better yet, involve the whole family and ask everyone to choose a couple of meaningful items to include. 

Embrace the New and Improved Aspects of Your Home

Let’s face it, every home has a few imperfections you’re probably happy to leave behind – like shower pressure that was always too low. In your new home, take a moment to embrace the new features you’re excited to enjoy. 

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