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Are You Ready to “Right-Size” Your Home?

Here’s how to make it a reality

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When it comes to your home, sometimes less really is more. Downsizing your home comes with many benefits, from contributing to your financial freedom to letting you relocate to warmer weather or closer to family. Here are some of the top reasons to list your home and get ready for a new space! 

The Upsides To Downsizing 

Moving into a smaller home might seem like a step down, but, in reality, downsizing comes with several benefits that can help you live your life the way you imagine it.  

Find Financial Freedom 

Shifting away from a large home with major expenses allows you to cut costs and increase your cash flow. With a smaller home, you’ll pay less toward mortgage, taxes, maintenance, and utilities. The money you save can go toward the activities, travel, and experiences you truly enjoy. Spend your extra dollars on a memorable family vacation instead of lawn maintenance and landscaping. 

Plus, it’s a seller’s market right now. As buyers search for homes that fit their new lifestyle of working, playing, and living in the same space, sellers are able to price their homes at top value for a large return on investment.  

Have More Time for Leisure Activities 

The time you’ve spent keeping a house clean, mowing a lawn, or tackling basic chores drastically decreases when you downsize. Now the only question is: How will you choose to fill all the hours you previously spent on home maintenance? 

Relocate to Your Dream Destination 

Whether you’re hoping to live in a warm-weather climate or be closer to family, downsizing allows you to try a new lifestyle. Without the burden of a large home, you’re able to be more mobile when it comes to deciding where to spend your golden years. 

Where To Begin 

The prospect of paring down your belongings, selling your home, then buying a new home can be overwhelming. Working with a best-in-class professional agent through AARP® Real Estate Benefits by Anywhere can take the pressure off.  

Anywhere’s team of talented agents help you navigate through financial considerations, such as pricing your home, closing costs, negotiating terms, and more. Agents also guide you through all the paperwork that comes with buying or selling a house, from mortgage applications to legal documents to the closing process and beyond. 

Finding the Right Home 

Once you’ve started the process of selling your home, it’s time to think about what you want in your next home. Where do you want to live? What conveniences and services do you need near your new home? Which community activities are a priority for you? What type and size of home will meet your needs for the foreseeable future? What new features would excite you?  

With your input, your agent will help you find the perfect home. Instead of spending all your waking hours searching, your agent will do the majority of the work, with your priorities and must-haves guiding the way to your ideal new home. 

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A Better Way To Buy and Sell

Ready to take the next step toward downsizing? As an AARP member, you’re eligible for support from AARP Real Estate Benefits by Anywhere. Anywhere, which owns the most recognized brands in real estate, understands the entire process of home selling and buying. They’re committed to helping you navigate one of the most exciting and sometimes challenging experiences you’ll ever undertake. It’s free to sign up, with no hidden fees. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, enroll to be introduced to a local real estate agent and earn a $300 to $7,200* benefit after you close on your home.

Click here to discover more about your exclusive AARP member benefit. Make downsizing your home a reality.

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