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New Driverless Vehicle May Soon Deliver Your Goods

The latest entry in autonomous car race is expected to hit the road soon

small wheeled vehicle with sensor on top


This autonomous vehicle will have no driver or passenger as it makes its way through city and suburban streets.

A new start-up founded by two former Google employees is joining the race to get self-driving cars on the road — this time with your groceries.

Silicon Valley-based Nuro recently debuted its autonomous vehicle with hopes that it will improve locally based deliveries of items such as groceries, laundry and pizza. Designed for packages, not people, this vehicle — which Bloomberg Technology described as a shiny appliance on wheels — will be driver-less and passenger-less as it makes its way through city and suburban streets.

According to CNN Money, the prototype is silver and about the height of an SUV, but slimmer. Its design has been compared to a toaster or a loaf of bread, though it does have a windshield. It’s fully electric and has been tested to navigate common street scenarios such as stoplights and pedestrians.

Autonomous delivery could be of help to consumers of all ages, particularly those who may not drive themselves. The vehicle can get goods from business to home, but it still requires human help to get items into a residence.

Nuro was started by engineers Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu, who were once part of Google’s self-driving car program. The company has raised $92 million in venture capital so far, according to the Verge, and is looking for its vehicle to hit the road by the end of the year.

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