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Bicycles — 5 Driver Tips to Safer Streets

What can you do to protect bicyclists?

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Do not tap your horn; it may startle a bicyclist.

Many drivers do not think about bicycles and often do not see them.

Watch for bikes and be wary in places where bicyclists might be traveling. Especially around intersections, there is potential for conflict with bikes. Watch out for bicyclists who ignore traffic signals, make turns on the roadway or change lanes erratically.

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Bicyclists can legally ride on the roadway, but should remain near the right edge. Avoid sharing a traffic lane with a bicyclist, even if the laws in your state allow you to do so.

Remember: Allow plenty of room when passing a bicyclist and pass only when safe to do so, keeping aware of traffic approaching from the other direction! If there is no room to pass safely, then your only option is to follow them at a safe distance until it is safe to pass.

Tips for Sharing the Road With Bicycles

  1. Do not tap your horn — it may startle a bicyclist.
  2. Some bicyclists are children who are not aware of all the traffic laws and are often inexperienced riders, so watch for children on bicycles.
  3. Watch carefully when making a right turn to be sure that there is no bicyclist riding near you on the right side of the road.
  4. Look behind you and to the side for bicyclists before you open a car door.
  5. Use common sense, always be courteous and drive responsibly so that we do not cause increased danger or harm.

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