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Take a look at aging around the world in 'A New Age,' a special report by AARP and Magnum Photos.

 two women in a car

AARP's Road to Driver Safety

The program celebrates 40 years of helping people stay safe behind the wheel

News and Tips

couple admiring car in dealership

Should You Buy a Used Car?

Things to consider when trying to decide between pre-owned and new

Alamo car rental, standard/fullsize sign at Logan International Airport. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images)

Car Rentals: Know Your Rights

Don't get dinged for damage you didn’t cause or insurance you don't need

couple smiling in a car

Driving With Hearing Loss?

How to stay safe behind the wheel when you don't hear well

female driver chatting on her cell phone in a car

Dangers of Distracted Driving

Zendrive report finds more ‘phone addicts’ are focusing on their devices

car salesman on the phone at a dealership

Avoid Car Dealer Call Backs

If you want a new auto but don't want the calls, here's how to play it smart

car driving over the San Francisco Bay Bridge

Driving Anxiety Help

How to face your fears — of bridges, highways or just getting behind the wheel

Driving to the Future

dashboard of self driving car

Self-Driving Cars

Technology will transform the way we travel, but we're far from fully autonomous vehicles

Ford Focus with Alexa featured in dashboard

Voice Control in Cars

Connected car features can help you manage your life from your car, hands-free

Automatic braking displayed on windshield

Automatic Braking 101

This highly effective safety technology will soon become standard in new cars

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