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Get to Know AARP Media Senior Vice President and General Manager Robyn Motley

Find out what drives her and how she fights for older adults

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Alfonso Duran

Robyn Motley

What is your role at AARP?

My team sells the advertising that you see in our publications and on to companies interested in marketing to adults age 50-plus and whose products have met our consumer-protection standards.

What are you trying to achieve with your work at AARP?

To ensure that — through advertising in AARP’s publications and on its website — members learn about products and services that can help them, and to generate revenue from those advertisers to fund AARP’s mission. 

What makes you excited about aging in America?

Older Americans are setting a new standard for what it means to age. We can now live longer, healthier lives, given medical advances, smart nutrition and better fitness. We are using those extra years to pursue passions and purpose.

6 Fast Facts

  • If I could go anywhere: I’d go gorilla or ape trekking again
  • Person who most inspires me: Katharine Graham, the late Washington Post publisher
  • You really should watch: Maid, on Netflix
  • My secret passions: Zumba and pickleball
  • My favorite comfort food: Steamed crabs — actually, any seafood!
  • I'll retire when …: My yearning to explore eclipses my desire to work

And what angers you?

Unequal access to health care and how much it costs. If you’re poor, brown or Black, you’re less likely to have access to quality health care. We’ve seen the consequences of the high costs of care and the lack of access for some during the pandemic.

What are the most challenging battles you encounter?

My team and I work hard to convince companies to pay attention to people 50 and older, who hold roughly 70 percent of the wealth in America. Despite that, they are too often ignored by advertisers.

What should more people know about AARP?

We advocate on behalf of older people, but you don’t have to be 50-plus to be an AARP member. People who care about the issues that will shape their lives as they age, or who are interested in learning about great products, services and discounts, can join.

Describe a recent win.

As more older adults went online during COVID-19 to stay connected and informed, we generated record-breaking digital-advertising revenue to help fund AARP’s social mission.

What are you most passionate about?

To serve AARP’s goal of attaining affordable quality health care, financial security and adequate caregiving resources for all Americans.