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Feeling Sick? How to Tell if It's a Cold, Flu or COVID

A few warning signs set the illnesses apart


Beware of Scams After Hurricanes, Other Disasters

Fake charities, phony repair schemes want your cash

Today's Money Tip: Maximize Credit Card Rewards

They can really add up and are just waiting to be used

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Today: Shopping for Savings Accounts

Also: Big rewards for small life changes

5 Ways to Boost Your Savings Yields

Accounts are offering higher rates

How Long Food Lasts After a Power Outage

8 expert tips to avoid getting sick


Deep Partisan Divide Hangs Over Midterms

Older voters say they disapprove

The Best Shopping Deals for October

Your top buys of the month

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Birthdays: Sting, musician and actor, 71

Also: Julie Andrews, Fran Drescher

Have Fun With Our Free Games

Try solitaire, puzzles and more

38 Ways to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Tips to add allure to your abode

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Today's Workout: Upper-Body Circuit

Bryant Johnson leads the session

Pet Essentials for an Emergency or Disaster

They should be part of any plan

Wardrobe Items That Solve Problems

10 items for women 50 and older

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A Colorful Road Trip Through Eastern Iowa

Fall foliage and picturesque towns


What’s New and What’s Leaving Hulu

Halloween horrors; classic shows

Best Movies Coming to Big, Small Screens

‘The Good House’ and more

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Surprising Facts About Denzel Washington

Here are 7 things you didn't know

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