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AARP Launches Job Board for Experienced Workers

Site features members of the organization’s Employer Pledge Program

AARP Launches Job Board for Experienced Workers

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50-plus workers should have a level playing field to compete for and obtain jobs.

AARP recently launched an online job board targeted at experienced workers, matching job seekers with employers that have signed a pledge committing to a multigenerational workforce.

The board lets job seekers use filters to find employment opportunities by keyword, location, and distance. More than 1.5 million jobs are listed on the site.

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It also allows users to select jobs by position type, salary range, experience level, employer type and whether potential employers are members of AARP’s Employer Pledge Program (EPP).

The EPP features about 450 organizations that have publicly committed to an age-diverse and inclusive workforce, said Jean Setzfand, senior vice president of programs for AARP.

EPP members receive a discount on job postings, promotional space on the job site and invitations to recruit at AARP’s online career fairs.

“This is part of a packaged set of resources to help level the playing field a little bit for experienced workers,” Setzfand said. She said the EPP feature was “the unique differentiator between our job search site versus others.”

“We launched this to bring together our employer pledge companies that are looking to hire experienced workers, as well as the great job opportunities for those who are looking to find, keep and return to work," said Michelle Hoffman, products and platforms director for AARP’s Work & Jobs unit.

Other Work & Jobs offerings at include tips for working at age 50-plus, advice on career changes, help for employers, and news and information to help people who have lost a job or are looking for one. The job board is available at