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Strong Majority Says Work-at-Home Environment Has Been a Boon

Work-life balance, lack of commute, comfort of workplace all cited as benefits

Man working from home with a kid

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En español | In a survey of 4,000 remote workers, an employment website found that 95 percent of respondents report their productivity is the same as or higher than it was before the pandemic hit.

In the survey conducted by FlexJobs, workers offered several reasons for their positive news on productivity. Among them were fewer interruptions (68 percent said this was so for them), quieter environment (68 percent), more comfortable workplace (66 percent), more focused time (63 percent) and avoiding office politics (55 percent).

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Also on a positive note, the vast majority of respondents said their personal lives had also improved while working at home. Overall, 73 percent said they had a better work-life balance, specifically more time with family (46 percent), more time with their partner (42 percent) and the ability to care for pets (37 percent).

Overwhelmingly, the work-at-home cohort was happy about the lack of commuting (79 percent) and the lack of commuting costs (72 percent). In a separate survey, older adults specifically cited the lack of commutes as a key benefit of remote work.

When the pandemic is over, about two-thirds of FlexJobs survey takers say they want to be full-time remote employees. Some 31 percent said they would like a hybrid work schedule, mixing work time at home and at the office. About 30 percent said they have already asked their employers to allow them to work remotely after the health crisis has passed.