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Your Wise Friend and Fierce Defender

Thinking more about what matters most to you these days?  And planning your future a little differently?  You could have nearly half your life left to live. So it helps to have a wise friend in your corner, to help you make sure your money, your health, and your happiness live as long as you do.  And that friend is AARP, who gets where you are in life, has your back and can make the whole journey much more fun!

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Your Money: Earning, Saving and Splurging

You work hard for your money. AARP tools and resources can help you make the best decisions for your work and career, saving for the future and spending on fun stuff.

Find Work That Works for You

Find open positions with employers looking for experienced workers through the AARP Job Board and make your resume stand out with AARP Resume Advisor. Plus tips for exploring other career options, including starting your own business.

Take Control of Your Student Loan Debt

Get help with student load repayment and forgiveness options. The Savi Student Loan Repayment Tool is one of many tools AARP offers to help you plan for a brighter future, no matter where you are today.

Learn, Earn and Save With AARP Rewards

Get ahead of whatever life brings with AARP's loyalty program, AARP Rewards. AARP members earn 50% more points by participating in challenges and learning activities and unlock access to members-only offers.

Your Health: Staying Well, Strong and Sharp

Everything you need to keep your mind, body and spirit in tip-top shape – even when you’re busy.

Focus More on Brain Health

AARP® Staying Sharp® is an award-winning program offering health and fitness content, including exercise videos, recipes, articles and more.

22 Daily Habits That Lead to Big Health Changes

Making simple, healthy choices every day can help you lose weight, gain energy, fight disease and more. You'll enjoy access to this guide and other members-only content when you join.

A Guide to Caregiving Resources Near You

Taking care of a parent or loved one without financial support? AARP has a resource guide for each state to help you access key programs, services and agencies close to home.

Your Happiness: Making Connections, Learning New Things and Having Fun

Make meaningful connections in your community, play free games or take an online class—everything to help you find your happy place.

Connections That Improve Your Life

Now more than ever, we know that connecting with family and friends is vital to living longer, happier lives. That’s why AARP offers events and enriching experiences close-to-home and from-your-home that help you connect and serve others.

Pass the Time With Free Online Games

Pass the time, work your mind and relax with AARP Games, plus AARP members get exclusive access to additional members only games.

Have More Fun at Home

The AARP Virtual Community Center offers a wide variety of FREE interactive online events for learning, self-improvement and fun. Take a cooking class, do some yoga or learn something new today!

What You Get With AARP Membership

AARP enriches the lives of people like you.

We’ll be right by your side, advocating for you, providing health and financial tools and hundreds of carefully-selected discounts, programs and services to help you lead a healthier happier life. Every AARP benefit is chosen with members in mind to offer real value, help you live well and plan for the future ahead. 

Share the benefits of membership with a member of your household at no additional cost!  Just add them to your account and they will get their own membership card.

Join today and get instant access to benefits that meet your needs in the moments that matter. 

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Explore Member Benefits 



Membership FAQs

AARP has carefully selected hundreds of benefits, discounts and services with members in mind to offer real value and help you live your healthiest and happiest life. Discounts on travel, home food delivery, dental and vision insurance, and restaurants like Denny's and Outback all come free with your membership. 

Full AARP membership is available to anyone age 50 and over. Members under 50 will get access to all of the great benefits that come with membership that aren't restricted by vendor offer requirements, such as age-restricted insurance products. 

Membership is as little as $12 for your first year with automatic renewal and $16 per year after that; it’s risk-free and can be canceled at any time.