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2014 AARP Connecticut Telecommunications Survey

Telecommunications technology continues to advance at a rapid pace.  Despite these changes, a recent AARP survey of Connecticut adults age 50 and older found that nearly all of those surveyed (96%) still maintain landline telephone services in their homes. The survey also found overwhelming support for ensuring basic consumer protections for all landline customers, regardless of whether the service was provided through a traditional copper-wire, cable or internet (VoIP). 

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In addition, half of survey respondents agree that Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) should play a central role in determining how the state’s telecommunications market transitions away from traditional copper-wire networks to new technologies, such as internet-based services (VoIP). A vast majority also believe PURA should continue to oversee the areas of protection it now does, such as emergency preparedness and public safety, including 911 services (94%), and ensuring phone service access (88%) and reliability during normal and extreme weather conditions (87%).

Results are based on a telephone survey of 800 Connecticut residents age 50 and older commissioned by AARP in March 2014.  For more information, contact Kate Bridges at

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