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50+ Multicultural Population State Fact Sheets, 2017

Multicultural Population State Fact Sheets


These multicultural population fact sheets provide state population data for multicultural populations age 50 and older.  States, counties, cities and metropolitan markets with significant 50-plus multicultural representation were included. Each fact sheet enumerates and maps people age 50 and older for the following groups: African American or Black, Asian American & Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino, and American Indian & Alaska Native.1

For more information, please contact Angela Houghton at or Kadeem Thorpe at

50+ Multicultural Population State Fact Sheets
Alabama Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado Connecticut
Delaware District of Columbia Florida
Georgia Hawaii Illinois
Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts
Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nevada
New Jersey New Mexico North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota
Tennessee Texas Virginia

Los Angeles Metro

New York City

1American Indian & Alaska Native (AIAN) data is only shown for states with at least 1% AIAN representation in the 50-plus population.


Suggested Citation:

Houghton, Angela. 50+ Multicultural Population State Fact Sheets, 2017. Washington, DC: AARP Research, September 2017.


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