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Civil Rights History

César Chávez Photo Gallery

A look at the labor leader’s legacy of service

Powerful Moments in Civil Rights History

Revisiting the Voices of Civil Rights project

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Highlights of the life and legacy of a civil rights legend

Remember the Civil Rights Movement

Events that initiated social change

Rosa Parks in Her Own Words

Recollections from ‘Mother of the Civil Rights Movement’

Women Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement

These 10 women have been some of the bravest and most committed activists in the fight

The Movement

The Impact of the Civil Rights Act

How the law shaped equal rights for us all

The 50th Anniversary: The Voting Rights Act

Once a representation of equality, it is now a source of division

The Struggle for Civil Rights

A month-by-month look at a milestone year, 1963

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Nobel Prize

The youngest man to receive the prestigious Peace Prize

The Landmarks

NASA Pioneer Katherine Johnson Q&A

'Hidden Figures' inspiration's love of math continues at age 99

Admiral Michelle Howard

The trailblazing naval officer talks about breaking barriers and being a role model


Uncovered: Oldest Free Black Settlement

Researchers believe they have uncovered the oldest free African American settlement in the United States

Marielitos: The Cuban Boat People Story

A look at how some of the Cuban boat people known as "Marielitos" found a new home and prospered in America


First Person

La Isla Bonita

Roberto Clemente Jr. fights hunger in Puerto Rico and around the world

The Pride of the Marielitos

Three stories from the boatlift that left Cuba 36 years ago


Six Marchers Return to the Nation's Capital

Americans rallied for civil rights and Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of a dream

Charlayne Hunter Gault

The noted journalist reflects on her civil rights fight

Tuskegee Airman

Celebrating The Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African American military pilots who fought in World War II


Medicare Part B Premiums, Deductibles Dropping in 2023

Move comes after a record increase in 2022


How Older Adults Can Prepare for Hurricanes, Other Disasters

Typical prep lists may not include items you'll need

Today's Money Tip: Travel Apps That Help You Save

Pack your phone with these free downloads

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Today's Hot Deals

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Today: More on 2023's Medicare Premiums

Also: Telling viral illnesses apart

When Your Eyes Are 2 Different Colors

It's rare, but it can signal problems

Join Us Thursday for Live Town Hall Event

COVID vaccines, flu season and more

Is It a Cold, the Flu or COVID-19?

A few tricks for telling them apart


6 Drugs That Can Harm Your Hearing

Not all are prescription medications

A Guide to Surviving Bear Markets

Important facts to know if you're 50+

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Birthday: Actress Naomi Watts, 54

She's a two-time Oscar nominee

10 Quick Questions for Donny Osmond

He’s back on stage in Vegas

38 Ways to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Tips to add allure to your abode

At Home

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Today's Workout: Total Body Circuit

Bryant Johnson leads the session

Pet Essentials for an Emergency or Disaster

They should be part of any plan

10 Better Ways to Do Grownup Eye Makeup

Give your peepers a new look

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What’s New in Books This Week

Latest from the publishing world


What's Coming and Going on Netflix

Your top choices for October

Reality vs. Film: How Does 'Blonde' Rate?

Monroe biographer on film's accuracy

The Very Best Witch Movies, My Pretties

A truly enchanting watchlist

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