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Tax form with a United States Treasury check I R S tax Form 1040 and W 2 and a calculator on top of the forms

AARP Answers: Your Tax Return and the Coronavirus

The latest on filing extensions, tax refunds, deductions and more


More Tax News

a binder spine label says retirement plan - it sits on graphs and glasses on desk

SECURE Act Provisions Take Effect Over Time

Optimize your retirement spending strategy now

Close up of woman using calculator while going through bills and finances

Tax Breaks to Grab When You Reach 50

IRS rules to help lower your tax your bill

The Amount You Owe box from a 1040 income tax form

Are You Eligible to Take Tax Credits in 2019?

If 65-plus or retired on disability, you may qualify

tax audit stamp on US tax form 1040

Want to Lower the Odds of an IRS Tax Audit?

Fix these mistakes before filing your return

Forms 1040 and new Form 1040 SR for seniors on desktop

Should You Use the New 1040-SR Tax Return Form for Seniors?

If you file online, stick with the standard form

Close-up of hand on desktop calculating assorted bills and invoices

Your Medical Bills May Be Tax Deductible — or Not

If they're big enough, you may want to itemize your return

tax brackets post it note on financial spreadsheet

It's Time to Check Your Income Tax Bracket

Find the federal tax rate due on your earnings in 2019

HDHP, High Deductible Health Plan written on paper clipped to board on desktop with stethoscope and pen

Coronavirus Tests Can Be Covered by High-Deductible Health Plans

New IRS rule removes potential deterrent to seeking diagnosis

senior working woman holding calculator with tax day words and report data on wood desk

Tax Season Extended, Mark Your Calendars

File 2019 federal taxes by July 15 with no penalty

Hand is holding phone with IRS scam calls

Watch Out for Tax Fraud

3 simple rules to protect your identity and your money

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