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Seniors Against Investment Fraud: SAIF Program Helps Older West Virginians Protect their Money

The Seniors Against Investment Fraud (SAIF) Program provides West Virginia's senior citizens the information needed to recognize, avoid and report investment fraud. SAIF is the first place to call before investing.

What is SAIF?

The Seniors Against Investment Fraud (SAIF) program is an innovative educational outreach campaign with the purpose of educating and empowering West Virginia's seniors on detecting, avoiding and stopping investment fraud, as well as providing information on what to do if victimized.


Seniors are at the top of the investment fraud target list of the most vulnerable to fraud for several reasons:

  • Accessibility & Isolation: Seniors tend to be home more often and are more isolated from family and friends.
  • Trusting: Seniors tend to be more trusting more easily intimidated and less apt to be rude.
  • Assets: Many seniors have a substantial amount of savings used to supplement their retired living.

How does SAIF Work?

The best way to combat consumer fraud is to become a knowledgeable consumer.

SAIF works from the grassroots level by enlisting and training volunteers from all over the state of West Virginia. The volunteers are composed of seniors and professionals who take an active role in spreading SAIF's message to West Virginia's seniors.

SAIF's professional training consultants provide the volunteers with a comprehensive training manual and materials to use when presenting educational programs to seniors within their community.

SAIF Local Contacts

West Virginia Securities Commission: 888-SAIF WVA or 888-724-3982