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Don't Miss These Summer Deals

Prices on these items will drop before the temperatures do

  • End of  Summer Deals - Go to a County Fair

    Go to a County Fair

    Late summer is fair time in many counties and states across the country. Fairs offer affordable, old-fashioned fun for the whole family, and many have special discount days for seniors and kids. You can experience rides and shows for a fraction of what some high-end amusement parks charge. Volunteering at the fair might even get you free admission.

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  • End of  Summer Deals - Bargains For Your Garden

    Bargains for Your Garden

    Not only is this the perfect weather to plant perennials in many parts of the country, but you can often find remaining stocks dramatically marked down at garden centers. Don't be afraid to ask for a further discount if you're looking for multiple plants.

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  • End of  Summer Deals - Outdoor home improvements

    Contract for Outdoor Home Improvements

    That's right ... outdoor. As the days get shorter and temperatures start to drop, ask contractors who specialize in outdoor projects — such as decks and landscaping — if they are willing to haggle on some end-of-season home improvements.

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  • End of  Summer Deals - Get a New Grill

    Get a New Grill

    End-of-summer sales at home improvement centers might give you an opportunity to score a great deal on that year-round grill you've been eyeing all summer long — and even some new patio furniture to go with it.

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  • End of  Summer Deals - vacation in the Caribbean

    Consider a Fall Trip to Paradise

    Fall foliage in New England and other parts of the country truly is spectacular, but hotels and tours that time of year tend to be crowded and charge top dollar. If you're looking for a travel bargain, try a Caribbean vacation. Hurricane season takes place in late summer and early fall — which means fewer tourists will be around.

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  • End of  Summer Deals - buy a new bicycle

    Shop for 2 Wheels, Not 4 says that the winter months are usually the best time to shop for a car. But if you're in the market for a bicycle — as well as many other types of traditional warm-weather recreational equipment — end-of-summer sales may well offer the lowest prices of the year.

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  • End of  Summer Deals - Buy Clothes for Next Summer

    Buy Clothes for Next Summer

    Real bargain hunters know you can find closeout summer apparel at the end of the season when stores are making room for fall inventory. Shop for swimsuits and shorts now — and as a bonus, you may be motivated to stay in shape all winter long so that you can wear your "new" wardrobe next year.

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  • End of  Summer Deals - pick-your-own farm

    Head to the Farm

    If you're looking for the best price on a larger quantity of summer produce, you can harvest some significant savings at a pick-your-own farm. You'll find the freshest fruits and veggies there, and it's a fun family outing. See the nationwide directory of PYO farms at

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