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AARP Pop-Up Demonstration Tool Kit

When done right, temporary livability projects can lead to permanent change

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Inspiring livability advancements are taking place in tiny villages, sprawling suburbs and the largest city centers. But permanent, large-scale changes can be difficult to launch. That's why "pop-up" demonstration projects — temporary bike lanes, protected intersections, crosswalks, parklets, sidewalk cafes, plazas, benches, street trees and more — are such valuable tools.

Pop-up demonstration projects — also known as "tactical urbanism," "Do-It-Yourself urbanism" or "DIY urbanism" — typically involve community members working together to bring attention to overlooked spaces, address neighborhood issues, or demonstrate things they want changed or improved within a public or sometimes private space such as a streetscape, empty building or underused lot.

When it's possible to illustrate a new idea through the temporary pop-up installation or demonstration, a proposal or desired enhancement can be more quickly understood, supported and achieved. A pop-up demonstration project can be organized and implemented quickly or over time. The AARP Pop-Up Demonstration Tool Kit uses a three-month timeframe as an example. Follow the links in the sidebar below to learn more. 

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