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Is Your Home 'HomeFit'?

Ask yourself these questions about where you live

En español | Before taking a guided tour of how a home can be a lifelong home, take a look at where you live. Read the following questions and mark the ones you answer “Yes.” Skip the questions that don’t apply or you’re unsure about.

(You can download and use the worksheet "Is My Home 'HomeFit'?" to record your responses.)

Don't feel discouraged if you end up responding "No" a lot. The AARP HomeFit Guide will explain how simple changes can help you turn those answers to "Yes"!

  1. Is there a step-free entrance into your home?

  2. Is there a bedroom, full bath and kitchen on the main level?

  3. Are the interior doorways at least 36” wide?

  4. Does the kitchen have a work surface you can use while seated?

  5. Is there a fire extinguisher within reach of the oven or stove?

  6. Are the kitchen cabinets and shelves easy for you to reach?

  7. Does your kitchen have a lever-, touch- or sensor-style faucet?

  8. If you use a step stool, does it have nonslip surfaces and a handle you can grip?

  9. Are there secure handrails on both sides of the stairs?

  10. Are your staircases well lighted? 

  11. Are your hallways well lighted? (Can you see what’s in front of you and on the floor?)

  12. Are your exterior walkways and entrances well lighted?

  13. Are your exterior walkways free of tripping hazards?

  14. Is your home's address number clearly visible from the street?

  15. Is your entrance door easy for you to unlock, lock, open and close?

  16. Do your exterior doors have locks that can't accidentally lock you in or out of the home?

  17. Does your entrance door have a peephole, viewing panel or security technology so you can see who is outside?

  18. Does your entrance door have a secure slide latch or chain so you can open the door enough to speak with someone outside while not fully unlocking and opening the door?

  19. Are the exterior door thresholds easy to see?

  20. Do all of your area rugs have non-slip grips to prevent tripping or slipping?

  21. Is the carpeting on your stairs secure and in good condition?

  22. Are all electrical and phone cords safely located (so they aren't a tripping hazard)?

  23. Are stairway light fixtures located at both the top and bottom of the stairs?

  24. Do you have a shower with a step-free entry?

  25. Are the bathroom cabinets and shelves easy for you to reach?

  26. Does your bathroom have a lever-, touch- or sensor-style faucet?

  27. Are there nonslip strips or nonslip mats in the bathtub and/or shower?   

  28. Is there "blocking" (e.g. a wood stud or other solid surface) behind the bathroom walls so grab bars can be securely installed in the bathtub, shower and toilet areas?

  29. Is your hot water heater set at or below 120o F?

  30. Are there smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of the home?

  31. Can a smoke and carbon monoxide detector be heard in every bedroom?

  32. Is a telephone easily accessible on each floor of your home?

  33. Do you have flashlights in multiple rooms (in case of a power failure)?

Published February 2015


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