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AARP HomeFit Guide

Smart solutions for making your home comfortable, safe and a great fit

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See below for how to download or order a free copy of the AARP HomeFit Guide (in English or Spanish).

En español | What if all homes could be suitable for anyone, regardless of a person’s age or physical ability? What if a person who wants to live independently, regardless of his or her age or physical ability, could do just that?

AARP research consistently finds that the vast majority of people age 50 and older want to stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible

The AARP HomeFit Guide was created to help people stay in the homes they love by turning where they live into a "lifelong home," suitable for themselves and anyone in their household.

The guide offers solutions that range from simple do-it-yourself fixes to improvements that are more involved and require skilled expertise but are well worth the expense.

How to use the AARP HomeFit Guide

As both an educational resource and a personalized tool kit, the AARP HomeFit Guide provides lessons, suggestions and practical solutions. The guide is a great resource to keep on your bookshelf or share with friends and relatives.

The accompanying worksheets can be used when answering the questions that appear throughout the guide and for creating "To Do" lists about changes to make in your home.

(The worksheets are available for download via the Worksheets and Resources page so you can print as many as you'll need or want.)

The Lifelong Home

One way to make a home more livable is to incorporate design principles and products that are adaptable, safe and easy to use. Such smartly designed features are attractive, stylish and come at all price points. The AARP HomeFit Guide will show you how that’s possible.

Next Steps

* The AARP HomeFit Guide and "Low-Cost/No-Cost Ideas" pamphlet are available in English and Spanish

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