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AARP HomeFit Guide — All New 2020 Edition!

Smart ways to make a home comfortable, safe and a great fit for older adults — and people of all ages

Most houses and apartments are designed for young, able-bodied adults and don’t meet the needs of older residents or people with disabilities.

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In fact, in many parts of the United States, most housing units were built more than a generation ago to serve a population of family households, generally consisting of two parents and at least two children.

But America circa 2020 is a nation in which the dominant household type, accounting for nearly 30 percent of all households, consists of single adults living alone.

By 2030, one in five people in the U.S. will be age 65 or over. And it’s projected that by 2034, older adults will outnumber children under 18 for the first time ever.

America’s housing stock doesn’t fit a rapidly changing and rapidly aging population.

That’s where the AARP HomeFit Guide comes in.

  • The 36-page, fully-illustrated guide is about homes not houses. Most of the more than 100 tips and suggestions in this room-by-room guide are doable regardless of housing type (single-family house, apartment, mobile home, etc.) or ownership status (owner, renter).

  • The guide was created to help people live safely and comfortably by enabling where they live to be a “lifelong home,” suitable for themselves and others in their household, no matter a person’s age or life stage.

  • The guide can help individuals and families make their current or future residence — or that of a loved one — “aging-friendly.”

  • The guide can help elected officials, policymakers and local leaders learn about and advocate for the housing options that communities need, so residents of all ages can live safely and comfortably — and thrive.

Page published September 2020

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