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The 2023 Application Period is Now Closed

This year’s grantees will be announced in June. Click here or on the image below to learn more!


Click here or on the links below to locate and learn about past grantees. 

About the AARP Community Challenge



About the AARP Community Challenge

Our annual challenge funds projects that build momentum for local change

The List

Look up all winning AARP Community Challenge grantees and projects by year or by state

Impact Stories

Articles and more about projects and programs funded with AARP Community Challenge grants

Photo Albums

The achievements rack up as grantees implement their quick-action projects. See what's been achieved!

Community Challenge Stats and Facts

A by-the-numbers look at what the grant program has achieved


Public Places

Visit gathering spots and outdoor spaces from throughout the nation that were created or improved by AARP Community Challenge funds


Several challenge projects have been used to demonstrate or explore creative housing solutions that are accessible, affordable and age-friendly


See projects that help people travel safely within their communities and beyond by walking, cycling, using public transit and more

Other Categories

Grants fund a range of innovative community improvements, including projects that support civic engagement and COVID-19 response and recovery efforts


2022 Grantees

In its sixth year, the AARP Community Challenge funded 260 grants. The Bainbridge Senior Center in Washington (pictured) initiated new transportation routes for the community

2021 Grantees

With the AARP Community Challenge celebrating its fifth year, 244 projects received funding. The Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail project (above) engaged humans and llamas to install the benches

2020 Grantees

Year 4 funded 184 projects — including an inspiring bike lane (shown) in Houston, Texas, and help for communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

2019 Grantees

Check out the list of 159 winning AARP Community Challenge grantees

2018 Grantees

129 projects were funded, including an outdoor seating area (shown) in San Diego, California

2017 Grantees

The AARP Community Challenge's first year funded 88 projects, including the tree-planting program in Jersey City, New Jersey, seen here

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