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AARP Placemaking Workshop

Watch videos and download materials from this November 2019 event

AARP Livable Communities Placemaking Workshop

Workshop Contents

Speakers and Panelists     |     Breakout Sessions     |     Mobile Workshops     

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Day 1: Tuesday, November 12

Welcoming Remarks

Morning Keynote AddressBuild Support for Change

  • Matthew Lister, Managing Director, Gehl Studio: Making Cities for People

Panel Discussion: Placemaking for All

  • Moderator: Will Phillips, State Director, AARP Minnesota
  • Anthony Taylor, Executive Council Member, AARP Minnesota
  • Irene Aguilar, Director, Denver Neighborhood Equity and Stabilization Team
  • Rudy Espinoza, Executive Director, Inclusive Action for the City 

Q&A: Audience questions via Twitter and Poll Everywhere

Videos: Community placemaking projects

Innovation Showcase: Rapid-fire presentations of work from around the country

  • Moderator: Paula Cunningham, State Director, AARP Michigan
  • Terry Snyder, Volunteer President, AARP Alaska
  • Sarah Sandau, Prevention Program Supervisor, Lewis and Clark Public Health, Helena, Montana
  • Hind Ourahou, Senior Mobility Strategist, City of Detroit Office of Mobility Innovation
  • Candice Roberson, Executive Director, Downtown Orangeburg Revitalization Association
  • Terri Worman, Associate State Director, AARP Illinois

Panel Discussion: Economic Impacts

  • Moderator: Bob Murphy, State Director, AARP Colorado
  • Shannon Joern, Vice President, National Advancement, Artspace 
  • Clark Anderson, Executive Director, Community Builders 
  • Lindsey Wallace, Director of Strategic Projects and Design Services, National Main Street Center

Afternoon Keynote Address: Invest in Change

  • Carol Coletta, President/CEO, Memphis River Parks Partnership

Q&A: Audience questions via Twitter and Poll Everywhere

Closing Remarks: The Path Toward Placemaking

  • James Brooks, Director, Community and Field Support, AARP Office of Community Engagement

Day 2: Wednesday, November 13

Welcoming Remarks

Panel Discussion: Health Impacts

  • Moderator: Denise Bottcher, State Director, AARP Louisiana
  • Cynthia Gibson, Executive Director, Idaho Walk Bike Alliance 
  • Jared Hymowitz, Director of the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative, City of Baton Rouge
  • Jennifer Berdugo, Associate State Director, AARP California

Innovation Showcase: Rapid-fire presentations of work from around the country

  • Moderator: Stephanie Hunsinger, State Director, AARP New Jersey
  • Darrin Wasniewski, Associate State Director for Community Outreach, AARP Wisconsin
  • Elizabeth Brodek, Executive Director, The East Side Business Improvement District
  • Dawaune Hayes, President, Parker Action Alliance
  • Maria Ramirez-Trillo, Associate State Director, AARP Arizona

Videos: Community placemaking projects

Keynote AddressTrigger Long-Term Change

  • Odetta MacLeish-White, Managing Director, TransFormation Alliance

Panel Discussion: Social Impacts

  • Moderator: Troy Schuster, State Director, AARP Virgin Islands
  • Réna Bradley, Community Development Director, Bridge of Grace Compassionate Ministries
  • Dillon Goodson, Executive Director, Lakeview Chamber of Commerce
  • Emily Yetman, Executive Director, Living Streets Alliance

Q&A: Audience questions via Twitter and Poll Everywhere

Closing Remarks

  • Danielle Arigoni, Director, AARP Livable Communities