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Medicare News and Information

Medicare Under Assault From Fraudsters Bilking the System

Each year, roughly 10 cents of every dollar is stolen or misdirected by scammers

Access to Health Support Key to Lower Hospitalization Rates

Older residents in housing near services are one-third less likely to be admitted

Taking Rehab? Beware of Medicare’s Observation Status

Patients not officially admitted to hospitals can pay thousands for aftercare

Looking at the Impact of Medicare State-by-State

Medicare contributes to the economy and the health security of millions of Americans

Learn How to Choose the Right Medigap Plan

Medigap helps pick up health costs not covered by original Medicare

Congress Lifts Medicare Limits on Several Types of Therapy

AARP applauds move to eliminate arbitrary limits on physical, speech and occupational therapy treatment

Feds Unveil Medicaid Health Services Scorecard

States can be compared based on quality of care and use of money

Beware of Medicare Open Enrollment Scammers

Five tips to help you avoid being taken advantage of as you shop for medical coverage

Medicare Chat, Cost Calculator New for 2019 Open Enrollment

Officials say ‘eMedicare’ features are first step in making sign-up and comparison easier

7 Ways Medicare Will Improve in 2019

Changes range from an early close of the donut hole to expanded Medicare Advantage plan benefits

Medicare Advantage Plans May Expand Benefits

Proposal would allow some plans to pay for products that prevent falls, assist physically impaired

Health Care Takes Big Bite Out of Social Security Checks

By 2030, Medicare recipients are likely to spend half their Social Security payments on medical needs

Medicare Basics

Medicare for Dummies — Get the Benefits You Deserve

In "Medicare For Dummies," AARP’s Medicare expert helps you navigate the confusing maze

Discover the Top 10 Medicare Mistakes You Could be Making

These common errors can be costly. Here's are tips on how to avoid them

Pledge to Vote to Keep Medicare and Medicaid Strong!

The future of Medicare and Medicaid will be determined by the politicians we elect this fall.