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Medicare Eligibility: Age, Qualifications, Requirements

Here are the requirements to be eligible for health care coverage


Medicare Initial Enrollment

How to Sign Up: A Guide to Medicare Enrollment

When you can enroll for health coverage, the best ways to do it and how to avoid penalties

10 Common Medicare Mistakes to Avoid

Errors can prove costly to new enrollees of the insurance program

Exploring Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

Which path you take will determine how you get your medical care — and how much it costs

Can You Enroll in Both Medicare and Medicaid?

Becoming ‘dual eligible’ can provide some financial relief for those with low income

Learn the Ins and Outs of Medicare Prior to Enrolling

Though complicated and costly, the federal insurance program helps older Americans afford health care

Picking Your Plans

How to Choose the Right Medigap Plan

Supplemental insurance helps bridge the gap of costs not covered by original Medicare

What Prescription Drugs Does Part D Cover?

Make sure the medications you take are covered when choosing a plan

Benefits for Medicare Advantage Expanding

Find out how you may be entitled to some new nontraditional services

Tools and Resources

Medicare for Dummies — Get the Benefits You Deserve

In 'Medicare for Dummies,' AARP’s Medicare expert helps you navigate the confusing maze

Do You Know What Medicare Covers?

Take this quiz to learn what’s covered and what isn’t under the health insurance program

Helpful Resources for Understanding Medicare

The system is complicated, but there is help available online and by phone

AARP In Your State

Visit the AARP state page for information about events, news and resources near you.