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3 New Ways Medicare Is Supporting Family Caregivers

‘Unseen, unsung heroes’ need support, CMS chief says



Will Original Medicare Survive Medicare Advantage's Boom?

New enrollees increasingly opting for private plans

Millions of Medicare Enrollees Receive Free Vaccines

New law eliminated $400M in out-of-pocket costs

Couples Often Make Their Medicare Decisions in Tandem

But individual plans often serve health needs better


The 9 Biggest Medicare Changes Under New Drug Law

A year-by-year look at when provisions go into effect

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Medicare

How the federal health insurance program works

Medicare to Negotiate Prices on These 10 Prescription Drugs

Popular but pricey treatments make historic list


Millions on Medicare Save Money With $2,000 Drug Cap

1.5M would have saved if law were in effect in 2021

Big Medicare Changes are Going Into Effect This Year

Higher Part B premiums, new Advantage plan rule

How Long Do Medicare Enrollees Wait to See Doctors?

Prior authorization for MA plans often leads to delays

Medicare Insulin Benefit

The New Medicare Benefit Lowers Insulin Costs

Beneficiaries with prescription drug coverage will pay no more than $35 a month for insulin

What You Need to Know About the Medicare Insulin Cost Cap

Answers to common questions about the new coverage for beneficiaries with diabetes

Medicare $35 Insulin Benefit Will Cut Costs for Millions

Beneficiaries have all of 2023 to switch plans for a lower price on that diabetes treatment


Sanofi Is Third Drugmaker to Lower Insulin Price

Starting in 2024 it will cut price of the diabetes medicine by 78 percent

Novo Nordisk Second To Cut Insulin Prices

Beginning in 2024, company will lower prices for both vials and prefilled insulin pens

Eli Lilly to Reduce Prices of Some Older Insulins

Company says it will match the new Medicare $35 cap for people with private insurance

Medicare Made Easy

Understanding Medicare’s Four Basic Parts

A guide to hospital, doctor, Medicare Advantage and prescription drug care

9 Things That Medicare Does Not Cover

You’ll need to plan ahead to pay for some common medical expenses


Do You Know How Much Medicare Costs?

Monthly premiums, other out-of-pocket expenses can add up


10 Things to Know About Medigap Plans

Your guide to buying Medicare ​supplemental health insurance

What You Need to Know About Part D Prescription Drug Plans

How to make sure that the medicines you are taking are covered


New Medicare Benefits for Chronic Conditions

What you should consider during the open enrollment period

Combining Medicare and Medicaid Can Save You Money

Becoming a ‘dual eligible’ can help with out-of-pocket medical expenses


Changes on Tap for Medicare Advantage Plans

New rule would streamline broker commissions and more


10 Common Medicare Mistakes to Watch Out For

How to avoid financial penalties and picking the wrong plan

Medicare Makes It Easier to Compare Care Online

New interactive tool searches doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, rehab, hospice and more

Medicare Eligibility: Do You Know if You Qualify?

Here are the requirements to be eligible for health care coverage

Enrolling in Medicare

5 Steps to Help You Sign Up

Learn when to enroll

Signing Up for Parts A and B Online

A guide to your initial enrollment period

2 Other Opportunities to Enroll

What to do if you miss a deadline

Financial Assistance for Premiums, More

How to get help paying for Medicare


Finding a Medicare Advantage Plan

Learn how to sign up online

Enrolling in Part D Coverage Online

Sign up for a prescription drug plan

Choosing a Supplemental Plan

How to buy Medigap online

Get Live Help with Enrollment

Talk to someone via phone or chat

Does Medicare Pay For ...

Video Spotlight

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Your primer to help you as you first enroll


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Medicare Q&A Tool

Fast access to questions that are on your mind


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