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The Alzheimer's Photography Project Gallery

  • Gregg Segal

    John Esson, 87

    "My father always had fun.  He always wanted to discover something new and different from his adventures." -Earl Esson, son;   Read more about John Esson.

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  • Gregg Segal

    Teresa Hartfield, 84

    "Her children were her greatest passion."  -Bill Hartfield, husband;    Read more about Teresa Hartfield.

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  • Gregg Segal

    Emily Bernice Chapman, 79

    "It has been a great opportunity to grow in patience and endurance"  -Lee Chapman, husband;    Read more about Emily Bernice Chapman.

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  • Gregg Segal

    Margaret Moore, 89

    "It was hard for me to grasp she has Alzheimer's. She was so lovely. When Mom couldn't remeber what day it was, she would manage to drive herself to bowling three times a week."  -Charla Hutchenson, daughter;    Read more about Margaret Moore.

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  • Gregg Segal

    Susan Franklin, 61

    "Every 70 seconds someone develops Alzheimer's. A am one of them."  -Susan Franklin;    Read more about Susan Franklin.

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  • Gregg Segal

    Francisco Obando, 77

    "It is very painful. I cry. Why? He was an excellent husband. He was my friend, my companion, my love. I miss him very much."  -Susy Obando, wife;    Read more about Francisco Obando.

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  • Gregg Segal

    Evelyn Lanham, 86

    "My mother was very indepenent and loving. Her independence was a strength and reassurance for me."  -Carole Lanham, daughter;     Read more about Evelyn Lanham.  

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  • Gregg Segal

    Freda Machett, 61

    "I miss her voice."  -John Machett, husband;   Read more about Freda Machett.  

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  • Gregg Segal

    Bill Bailey, 60

    "Bill's Alzheimer's has challenged me to be a better person, to find more hours, to make a difference. I now understand that every day, every minute counts."  -Kitty Kennedy, wife;    Read more about Bill Bailey.   

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  • Gregg Segal

    Pearl Yates, 80

    "You've got to talk to your loved one. You have to interact."  -Esther Caspino, daughter;    Read more about Pearl Yates.   

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  • Gregg Segal

    Helen Presser, 75

    "What I miss the most is her telling me how much she loved me."  -Harvey Presser, husband;    Read more about Helen Presser.  

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  • Gregg Segal

    Carole Bates, 73

    "The best cook and best homemaker you ever met. I used to joke that I could go in mu house blindfolded and pick out what I was looking for. She was so organized."  -Bill Bates, husband;    Read more about Carole Bates.   

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Remembered: The Alzheimer's Photography Project

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