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Over the Shoulder Shot of Senior Medical Scientist Working with CT Brain Scan Images on a computer

New Research Brings Hope for Dementia Patients

Treatment for Alzheimer's symptoms could be available soon


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senior mother and daughter holding hands, drinking coffee and looking at photo albums

Milken Institute Releases Major Dementia Report

It offers strategies to reduce risks and cut costs for our nation's "most expensive disease"

Ginkgo capsules

Report Pans Supplements for Brain Health

AARP collaborative council finds little value — but lots of expense — in would-be memory boosters

Judi Polak with the team from the WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute

Stepping Up in the Fight to Beat Alzheimer's

Meet Judi Polak, Alzheimer's patient and star of a clinical trial showing promising results

A doctor holding a folder discusses information with a female patient during a consultation

Why You Should Talk to Your Doctor About Dementia Risks

Lifestyle changes in midlife can help prevent, delay the disease

A nurse with two others building a puzzle at a table

Memory Care: Support for People With Dementia

The right facility can improve safety and quality of life for a loved one with memory problems

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