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Medicare Proposes Coverage Limits for Alzheimer's Drug

The draft decision allows Aduhelm only for beneficiaries enrolled in clinical trials​


20 Questions to Ask When Dementia is Diagnosed

UCLA experts say information can help patients and families through next steps

Social Isolation Can Impact Your Brain Health

Tips to stay connected as the pandemic persists and the weather turns cold this winter

How Menopause Messes With Your Brain

Research builds on how menopause affects brain health

New Hope Emerging for Parkinson’s Disease

Funding from the Michael J. Fox Foundation and others has led to medical breakthroughs

3 Reasons Dementia Cases Could Triple by 2050

An aging population plus trends in obesity and chronic disease drive predictions of spike

Alzheimer's Researchers Eye Precision Medicine

Variety of tailored treatments could be the future of dementia care

Can Viagra Prevent or Treat Alzheimer's Disease?

New research looks at the popular drug's potential role in dementia 

Missing Out on Sleep in Midlife May Increase Dementia Risk

A good night's rest could reduce your risk for cognitive complications down the road

Women and the Brain

Dementia's Gender Disparity: The Challenges Facing Women

Report provides tips on how to reduce dementia risks and ease the caregiving burden

What's Behind Women's Increased Risk of Alzheimer's

Research shows how men's, women's brains may experience it differently

Changing the Conversation Around Women and Dementia

AARP supports programs that inform and engage women about their brain health

Maintaining Friendships Despite a Dementia Diagnosis

Adjust communication and let your friend set the tone for interaction

Roberta Flack's Second Take on Debut Album 'First Take'

Singer talks about 50th anniversary release and music's impact on stroke recovery


Choir Helps Stroke Survivors Regain Their Voice

How to Care for Someone With Dementia

Music Improves Mood for Alzheimer's Patients


Delirium: The Complication You've Never Heard Of

For older adults, this condition can hit hard during routine hospital stays

This Is What The Coronavirus Can Do to Your Brain

Doctors are seeing strokes, seizures, loss of smell, other neurological symptoms in virus patients

This Is What a Having a Stroke Feels Like

Survivors' stories shed light on their warning signs, symptoms and what to do


Sanjay Gupta’s Prescription for Brain Health

Medical reporter says lifestyle changes are the key to people's resilience

Take Care of Your Mental Health During The Pandemic

New problems may arise as the coronavirus crisis continues to progress

Are You Ready to Give Meditation a Try?

A beginner's guide to quieting the mind in a time of great stress

Supplements for Brain Health Panned in New Report

AARP collaborative council finds little value — but lots of expense — in would-be memory boosters

The Top 5 Superfoods That Can Feed Your Brain

Memory-boosting nutrients that you could easily work into your diet

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