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Tabitha Returns in New Sitcom

Former TV child actor from ‘Bewitched’ stars in funny web series

‘Tabitha’ Returns to New Sitcom

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Actress Erin Murphy, left, in 1967 and right, in 2016

Remember Tabitha — Samantha and Darrin Stephens’ adorable daughter on the fantastical 1960s TV comedy Bewitched?

Well, Erin Murphy, who played Tabitha from 1966 to 1972, is now 52 and returns to acting in the new web series, Life Interrupted. The show also includes other 1960s-70s TV stars — Alison Arngrim (who portrayed Nellie Oleson on Little House of the Prairie), Dawn Wells (Mary Ann Summers from Gilligan’s Island) and Michael Learned (Olivia Walton from The Waltons.)

Life Interrupted centers on a dysfunctional blended family living in Manhattan’s East Village and stars Mason Reese (former 1970s child TV star best remembered for his commercials for Dunkin’ Donuts, Post Raisin Bran and Underwood Deviled Ham) as patriarch Mason Bell, who’s soon turning 50 and headed for a bizarre midlife crisis. Arngrim plays his ex-wife, Ally Hughes, who still cares for him. But Ally’s now happily married to Nina Woodworth, an Upper East Side gallery owner played by Murphy.

One of the things that make these convoluted relationships all the more sticky is that Reese’s character is living in the studio apartment above a bar he co-owns with his ex-wife. Oh — and his ex-mother-in-law, Annie Hughes (portrayed by Wells), is his landlady.

Writer-producer Steven Wishnoff, best known for his work on Nick at Nite and TV Land, is the mastermind behind Life Interrupted. It began as a half-hour pilot show in late 2015. Through the Kickstarter fundraising platform, it gained some financial support and momentum. Life Interrupted debuted on YouTube on Feb. 14.

Murphy, a mother of six who’s married, ironically, to a man named Darren, was at a potluck party attended by several other child TV stars when Arngrim approached her about the prospects of appearing in Life Interrupted. Murphy told Fox News that she’s usually reluctant about taking on acting roles if she’s not fully convinced.

“I say no to almost everything,” Murphy told Stephanie Nolasco, a web editor at Fox News. “I have a bit of a reputation for being picky about the things I will and won’t do. But it turned out that this project had a group of my good friends. And the thing that made me say yes was when Alison said, ‘You’ll be playing my wife!’ I said, ‘I’ll do it!’ It just sounded like a lot of fun.”