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Katie Couric to Host Talk Show

At 55, the journalist also is co-producing a documentary and learning Italian

TV personality and news anchor Katie Couric will debut her own daytime talk show in September 2012

Courtesy ABC Domestic Television

TV personality and news anchor Katie Couric will debut her own daytime talk show in September 2012

"Hey, I'm part of the Geritol generation now," Katie Couric, 55, says with a laugh. "I understand the issues Americans my age and up are facing every day." Boy, does she ever. Listen to Couric rattle through topics she'll be covering on her new syndicated daytime talk showKatie, premiering Sept. 10: Staying healthy at any age, empty-nest syndrome, dating after 50 ("which I'm doing"), prescription drug abuse among the elderly, smarter retirement finances, menopause ("Hello! I'm going through it") and why everybody is getting a knee replacement. "One of my big concerns about aging is that we're too obsessed with staying young," she says. "When my mom was 55, she didn't dress like a desperate housewife. This quest for perpetual youth is on overkill."

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Not that Couric is slowing down. Even as she gears up to tap the void left by Oprah's departure, she's multitasking like a 35-year-old. "I flew to Qatar for two days last week for Stand Up To Cancer," the advocacy organization she founded after the 1998 death of her husband, Jay Monahan. She's co-producing a feature-length documentary on America's obesity epidemic and still finds time to grow personally. "I just ordered Rosetta Stone for Italian and I'm thinking about learning ballroom dancing," she says. It's all part of living an engaging life. "There are so many great people and ideas out there," she says, as perky as she was in her Today show years. "What brought me into the TV business is what keeps me here and happy. You can learn something new every day if you have a really positive attitude."

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