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10 Best Fall 2021 Trends for Women 50+

Choose throwback fashion that looks stylish, not silly

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Let's play a game. For five minutes put your athleisure stuff and sneakers on the back burner. Now pretend you're feeling nostalgic about tailored clothes, chunky sweaters and real shoes. It's the only way to look at this fall's trends and not keep saying, “I wore that in the ‘70s/'80s/'90s.” Throwback style seems new to younger women, but those of us who lived through those decades wonder if these trends are silly or a super buy. The answer is silly if you pick the wrong trends; super if you choose the right ones. Here are 10 worth a look and why.

Lois Joy Johnson is a beauty and style editor who focuses on women 50 and older. She was the beauty and style editor at Ladies’ Home Journal and a founding editor of More magazine. She has written three books: The Makeup Wakeup, The Wardrobe Wakeup and The Woman's Wakeup.