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Your 10 Most-Asked Beauty Questions … Answered!

Demystifying all the newest products and formulations

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Women age 50-plus are experienced consumers of beauty products. Nothing gets past our inquiring minds or wallets. Our biggest gripe (aside from escalating prices) is deciding what to buy and use, as well as how, when and why. Those decisions are typically made as we stroll drugstore aisles, hover over our bathroom cabinet at 7 a.m. or browse online. Here are some top questions with practical answers from board-certified Dallas dermatologist, Rebecca Marcus, M.D.; chemist Ian Ginsberg, owner of famed New York City pharmacy C.O. Bigelow; and beauty-editor me.

Lois Joy Johnson is a beauty and style editor who focuses on women 50 and older. She was the beauty and style editor at Ladies’ Home Journal and a founding editor of More magazine. She has written three books: The Makeup Wakeup, The Wardrobe Wakeup and The Woman's Wakeup.