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AARP on Audible Collection

  • Listen to AARP on Audible

    Enjoy free AARP content

    Plus, members save
    on an Audible membership

    Enjoy free AARP content

    Plus, members save
    on an Audible membership

Listen for free to select AARP articles on Audible from the library below.  Plus, AARP Members can save on an Audible membership and access to an unmatched collection of audio books.

Whenever you see this icon next to an AARP article on Health, Money, or Travel & Entertainment, just click it to get to the audio version so you can listen on Audible free.


Getting Started

How To Listen

To listen to AARP articles on Audible, you must have an Amazon account.

1. Clicking on “Listen on Audible” icon will take you through the steps to purchase the audio version of the article for FREE.

2. Continue by using your Amazon account email and password. (If you do not have an Amazon account, you will be prompted to create a free one.)

3. Confirm purchase at the checkout cart where the audio will be listed as free ($0.00)

4. Audio will then be available in your Audible library collection. Listen on your computer by visiting your Audible library collection or download the Audible app.

You can download the Audible app in your phone’s iOS or Android app store.

AARP Member Benefit

AARP on Audible Collection

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