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En español | Purpose Prize honorees give back to their communities with a generosity of spirit that is at once impossible to match and irresistibly contagious. They are living their best lives so we can live ours.    

Mark Barden 

Cofounder and Managing Director, Sandy Hook Promise 

“Don’t let lack of experience hold you back. When I launched Sandy Hook Promise, I didn’t have any special training to guide me.  If you have the passion, you can make a difference.”

Cindy Eggleton

Cofounder and CEO, Brilliant Detroit

“Listen. Just listen. It’s really important to really work alongside others and hear what they think they need in order to be successful. Let the community you are striving to help be the one to orchestrate it.”

Hope Harley

Cofounder and President of the Board, Bronx Children’s Museum

“What I’ve learned is how much energy and perseverance it takes and how important it is to have good people around you, because in the down moments there’s always someone who says, ‘Get back on track.’”


Arturo A. Noriega 

Founder and CEO, Centro Community Partners

“Whatever you choose to pursue as your mission in life, it has to align with your values. If not, you won’t stay the course and you won’t realize your goal.”


Susan Tachau 

Cofounder and CEO, Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation

"Find your passion. If you find something you really care about, it will fuel you. When you find your passion, you will keep going on that path and you will make the world a better place."