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En español | Purpose Prize honorees give back to their communities with a generosity of spirit that is at once impossible to match and irresistibly contagious. They are living their best lives so we can live ours.    

William “Bill” Bracken

Founder and culinary director, Bracken’s Kitchen

“We all have something inside us that’s really meaningful and can be given to others. It’s a matter of finding what sparks that from inside your heart and soul, and then to pursue it.”

Raymond A. Jetson

Founder and chief executive catalyst, MetroMorphosis

“Be very thoughtful about where your gifts, talents, abilities, resources and passions fit — and go join in. It may be with your faith community, as a volunteer or at a nonprofit.”

Alan Miller

Founder and CEO, News Literacy Project 

“Find ways to draw people to the mission who share your vision and commitment to the issue so that you can build a team. Once you’ve found your north star, let yourself be guided by it.”


Ify Anne Nwabukwu

Founder and executive director, African Women’s Cancer Awareness Association

“Once you know your purpose, don’t be dissuaded by negative thoughts or concerns about how you can get it done. Go out and find ways to make it happen.”


Rita Zimmer

Founder and executive director, HousingPlus

“Giving is a two-way street. It assists the other person, but it also makes you feel like you won the lottery. I still remember when the 7-year-old son of one of our tenants excitedly ran up to me to share his good report card.”