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2024 AARP Purpose Prize Jury

The jury for the AARP Purpose Prize award is an independent panel of leaders in the fields of journalism, nonprofits, academia, innovation/technology and entertainment. These distinguished individuals were selected for their experience and judgment. After a rigorous vetting process, the jury makes recommendations about who should receive the AARP Purpose Prize award. An AARP executive makes the final decisions.

The jury members are:

Sherry Lansing

CEO and Past President

Sherry Lansing Foundation, Paramount Pictures

Purpose Prize Jury Chair

BP Agrawal

Founder and President

Sustainable Solutions

Purpose Prize Winner

Marsha R. Bonner

Chief People & Culture Officer


John Bridgeland

Executive Chair

Office of American Possibilities

Donna Butts

Executive Director

Generations United

Jennie Chin Hansen

Former CEO

American Geriatrics Society

Martha Choe

Board Member

Group Health Foundation

Dr. Yanira Cruz

President and CEO

National Hispanic Council on Aging

Cindy Eggleton


Brilliant Detroit

Purpose Prize Winner

Marc Freedman



Jatrice Gaiter

Executive VP

Volunteers of America

Dr. Marilyn Gaston

Gaston & Porter Health

Purpose Prize Winner

John Gomperts

Former CEO

America's Promise Alliance

Ernest Gonzales

Professor and Director of The Center for Health and Aging Innovation

New York University

Isabel González Whitaker

Chief Operating Officer

All in Together

Hope Harley


Bronx Children's Museum

Purpose Prize Winner

Evan Hochberg


Crown Family Philanthropies

Margaret Huang


Southern Poverty Law

Elliot Isme

Executive Director

LGBTQ+ Victory Institute

Ray Jetson

Founder & Co-Catalyst


Purpose Prize Winner

David Louie


Rosanna Marquez

Board Member


Mike McCurry

Professor and Director

Center for Public Theology

Michelle Nunn



Ngozi Okaro

Founder/Executive Director

Custom Collaborative

Purpose Prize Fellow

Meredith Rosenbeck


Honor Flight Network

Dr. Kimon Sargeant

Senior Program Director

Templeton Religion Trust

Kurt Schmoke

President, University of Baltimore

Former Mayor of Baltimore

Akash Shah



Billy Shore

Executive Chair

No Kid Hungry

George Sifakis

Founder and CEO

Ideagen Global

Pavel Sullivan

Chief of Staff

Elizabeth Dole Foundation

Gen. Tony Taguba

Board Member

Armed Forces Insurance

Susan Taylor

Former Editor-in-Chief

Essence Magazine

Founder and CEO

National CARES Mentoring Movement

Antonio Tijerino

President and CEO

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Geri Weis-Corbley

Editor-in Chief and Founder

Good News Network

Meghan Wieten-Scott

Director, National Experience

Blue Star Families