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Meet the AARP Purpose Prize Fellows

En español | The AARP Purpose Prize award recognizes the work of these fellows who are using their life experience to build a better future for us all.

Founder and CEO, Penn Asian Senior Services

Penn Asian Senior Services is the first home care agency in Pennsylvania dedicated to addressing language and cultural barriers faced by Asian immigrant seniors. Im Ja Choi founded PASSi after caring for her mother and finding a lack of culturally and linguistically appropriate services for Korean speakers.

Founder/Board Chair, Ready Set Smile

Founded by Adele Della Torre, Ready Set Smile is a nonprofit that provides no- or low-cost dental services to children in poverty in schools in Minneapolis. Ready Set Smile meets children where they are — at their schools — with culturally relevant staff, attention to the whole child, and relationship-building with parents and the school community. 

President/Co-Founder, 7 Generation Games
AnnMaria De Mars founded her tech startup to create educational software to teach math to disadvantaged children traditionally ignored by game developers. AnnMaria’s math ability as a child helped her to get an education that changed her life, so she started 7 Generation Games to help students experience the same opportunity she had.

Founder and Administrative Director, Fulton Block Builders 

Fulton Block Challenge is a neighborhood revitalization program that helps homeowners and property owners recover part of the cost of their property improvements. After a career in human services helping teens and families build on their strengths, Linda Eagan started Fulton Builders as a neighborhood revitalization program that brings neighbors and communities together. 

President, Senior Charity Care Foundation

Beth Ehrhardt became the second president of Senior Charity Care Foundation in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2012. Senior Charity Care Foundation provides affordable vision, hearing and dental care for seniors over 55. They subsidize the majority of the cost of services they provide in order to reach seniors who are medically underserved.   

Founder, Superior Motors/Ohringer Arts

Because of a loss in his personal life, Gregg Kander gained a new passion that shifted his focus from a thriving career as an attorney to utilizing his expertise, network of resources and innovation to help rebuild the devastated community of Braddock, Pennsylvania. 

Founder, president and CEO, The Pink Fund

The Pink Fund provides financial support to breast cancer patients in active treatment. As a 14-year cancer survivor, Molly MacDonald’s family went into financial free fall trying to cover costs of her own treatment, and the experience moved to her to start the Pink Fund.

Founder and Executive Director, Starting Right, Now

Starting Right, Now serves homeless youth not in the custody of a parent or guardian. After helping a high school student she found living in a motel, Vicki Sokolik founded Starting Right, Now in 2007.  The organization provides youth a place to live, grief counseling, life-skills classes, mindful-ness training, college scholarship application assistance, mentorships and more. 

Board President and Co-Founder, Latino Literacy Now

Kirk Whisler founded Latino Literacy Now with the help of actor Edward James Olmos. The organization aims to promote literacy in the Latino/Hispanic community through partnerships with other organizations and programs such as the International Latino Book Awards, the Latino Books Into Movies Awards, the Latino Book & Family Festivals, and Latino Reads, a weekly podcast series.