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These Purpose Prize winners — a handful of the extraordinary individuals awarded the Purpose Prize in 2017 — remind us that there are no age limits to leaving your mark.


Cynthia Barnett Purpose Prize

“Girls have to be strong enough and powerful enough so they can handle what comes down the pike.”

Dr. Cynthia Barnett, Founder, Amazing Girls Science

Purpose Prize Reid Cox, iFoster co-founder and CFO.

“If we created iFoster and brought the benefits of community, we could help hundreds of thousands of children and hundreds of thousands of families.”

Reid Cox, Cofounder, iFoster

Purpose Prize Jim Farrin

“You have to show people trust and respect, we all make mistakes.”

Jim Farrin, Executive Director, The Petey Greene Program


Purpose Prize Celeste Mergen

"When I started, I had no idea this was going to be a movement.” 

Celeste Mergens, Founder, Days for Girls International 

Purpose Prize Mike Weaver

“While there is a chance with young people, let’s expose them to things that would benefit them down the road.”

Dr. Mike Weaver, Founder, WeCCAAN (Weaver and Concerned Citizens of Aiken/Atlanta Now)