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Banner reads A Living Legacy, How Ethel Percy Andrus Changed America


AARP Founder

A Revolutionary Leader Is Born in California

Nurtured by progressive parents, Ethel Percy Andrus finds her calling

Founder’s Purpose Begins at Chicken Coop 

Andrus meets a retired teacher living in poverty, vows to make a difference

A California Teachers Association Goes National

AARP emerges as Andrus’ ideas take flight

Older Americans Act Validates Andrus' Vision

President Lyndon B. Johnson signs law in 1965

'I Consider It an Honor to Follow in Her Footsteps'

CEO Jo Ann Jenkins is inspired today by Andrus

Our Founder’s Mission

Active Retirement Community Combats Isolation, Loneliness

Grey Gables pioneers new model for living

‘House of Freedom’ Introduces Concept of Aging in Place

Innovative home highlights White House conference

Affordable Travel Becomes Key Member Benefit

First 45-day trip to Europe costs $895

Lifetime Learning Sparks Personal Growth

Teacher-founder creates education program in 1963

Start-up Magazine Promotes a New Image of Aging

‘Modern Maturity’ (now 'AARP The Magazine') is born

AARP Helps to Shape Medicare Program

Health insurance for all is a top priority

‘Retired Persons Pharmacy’ Keeps Drug Prices Down

Members get access to affordable medications

Consumers Learn to Fight Back Against Fraud

Warnings of scams go back to our founding days

A Message From Ethel Percy Andrus

She talks about how to stay happy as you age

A Timeline of Key Moments in AARP's History

Association grows into a major force for change