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AARP Collaborative Links Startups, Financing, Industry

AgeTech initiative assists firms developing products for the 50-plus market

Investing in the Future More on the AgeTech Collaborative

1st Steps to Treating Dementia May Lie in Related Diseases

AARP-backed research could lead to new drugs

6 Innovations to Help People Live Better as They Age

Safety, independence possible by leaning into tech

Innovation Labs Finances Products, Ideas With Promise

Start-ups that value older adults also get mentoring


Discovering Innovators


Connect and Engage

How to Nurture Transformation

AARP's innovation chief aims to change the way companies — and their workers — think

Help to Live Better As You Age

We’re teaming up with start-ups and other innovators to spark new ideas and real solutions

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A Legacy on the Leading Edge

AARP Founder Enhances Life, Security for Older Americans

From tackling high drug prices, isolation and more, Ethel Andrus became known as a problem solver

Retirement Community Becomes Model for the Ages

Ethel Andrus develops Grey Gables, a place for retirees to live graciously with dignity and purpose

A Visionary Home, Built in 1961, Stands the Test of Time

Universal features allow everyone to live safely and independently, especially as they get older