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The Longevity Economy

As the population ages, the 50-plus age group has emerged as a powerful force driving economic growth

Are You Ready?

We’re teaming up with business leaders and innovators to spark new ideas and real solutions

Get Set to Disrupt Aging

AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins encourages Americans to challenge outdated beliefs and stereotypes

AARP Innovation Labs

Driving innovative solutions to empower people to choose how they live as they age

Cultivating a New Mind-Set

AARP's innovation chief aims to instill new thinking to create products and services for older adults

Transforming Tomorrow

Our employees are at the forefront of developing creative and viable solutions for everyone 50-plus

New Models, New Approaches

AARP Invests $60M for Dementia Research

With more than 16 million Americans projected to have dementia by 2050, we are taking on what may be our toughest challenge yet

The AARP Innovation Fund

The first-of-its-kind fund will provide the outside force needed to spur private-sector investment, says AARP COO Scott Frisch

Ingenuity in Action

Idea Hub: The Hatchery

The laboratory where bold notions come to life as new products and services for older Americans 

Thinking Inside the Box

A unique product collaboration with the American Diabetes Association

Connecting the Bonds

New photo and keepsake tool makes shared storytelling easy for all ages

Taking Advantage of Tech

Engaging the start-up ecosystem to address the new realities of aging

Hey, Alexa, Let’s Be Friends

A unique experiment uses voice technology to help combat loneliness and isolation

Fashion Sense

The winner of the Disrupt Aging Design Challenge makes dressing easier for the visually impaired

A Legacy of Innovation

AARP Founder Enhances Life for Older Americans

From tackling high drug prices, isolation and more, she became known as a problem solver

Retirement Community Becomes Model for the Ages

Andrus develops Grey Gables, a place for retirees to live graciously with dignity and purpose

A Visionary Home Stands the Test of Time

Universal features allow everyone to live safely and independently, especially as they get older