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Take Action: Self Employment Toolkit Review

Finished our toolkit? Time to start working for yourself

Lessons from the Work for Yourself@50+ Toolkit

Now that you have completed the five steps outlined in this toolkit, it’s time to put it all together. Review the lessons that you have learned from each section by completing the following checklist.

Step 1: Explore Your Options
- I understand the various forms of self‑employment.
- I have assessed the advantages and challenges of self‑employment.
- I have explored the personality traits that can help me when working for myself.
- I have considered how self‑employment may impact my life.

Step 2: Find Your Focus
- I determined my likes and dislikes and generated self‑employment ideas.
- I have considered how my priorities and present circumstances affect the options I might pursue.
- I have landed on the BIG IDEA that I would like to pursue.

Step 3: Make a Plan
- I conducted a strategic analysis to examine the potential of my idea for
- I understand the components of a business plan and a marketing plan.
- I identified potential funding sources for my venture.

Step 4: Watch Out for Trouble
- I learned to recognize some potential scams and pitfalls.
- I put together a list of action steps I can take to avoid scams or report
them if they happen to me.
- I have considered how working for myself can affect my taxes and Social Security.

Step 5: Find Support
- I learned about the support networks that can help me accomplish my
self‑employment goals