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Before and after weight loss collage of Janie Jurkovich

Losing Weight ... and Becoming an Athlete

Older adults who dropped pounds — and reinvented their lives — with big fitness breakthroughs


illustration with Dean Lock

Preventing the Diseases of Aging

One set of lifestyle changes can help block many conditions, Dean Ornish says

Close up of a bowl of bran cereal with berries.

7 Daily Habits That Help Fight Off Viruses

Taking these steps every day can bolster your health and immune system

Foot on orthopedic insole.

How Orthotics Can Keep You Running Longer

Foot, ankle or knee pain? Try inserts or orthotics.

A cast iron skillet filled with nacho toppings placed over a campfire

6 Easy, Healthy Meals for Your Fall Camping Trip

Ideas and recipes for food beyond hot dogs on a stick

Woman buttoning her jeans.

Are Hormones Causing Your Weight Gain?

The latest on how imbalances may add pounds

Mental Health

Collage of woman and her mother.

How COVID-19 May Complicate Grief

Psychologists say grieving can be more intense, prolonged and disruptive during the pandemic

African American woman sits cross-legged on a bed and meditates

A Quick Beginner's Guide to Meditation

Learn how to quiet the mind during this time of high stress

cartoon of a woman carrying groceries on a city street wearing a covid face mask with a smile printed on the front

Lessons in Finding Happiness During Hard Times

Researchers say we're wired for joy and what it means for resilience

Portrait of mature businessman with closed eyes

7 Ways to Handle Anxiety During the Outbreak

Uncertainty and fear are major triggers. Here's how to cope

graphic illustration of a woman seated next to a window looking at the outside sky which is filled with floating coronavirus germs

How to Bounce Back From the Stress of the Coronavirus

Crises that cause anxiety can harm your health or help you build resilience


Protect Your Health

Public restroom sign

Stay Safe in Public Bathrooms During the Pandemic

What to know about things like toilet plume and ventilation

Man shopping at store

Retailers Mandate Face Masks for Shoppers

Some of the country's biggest chains are requiring customers to cover up

How to Wash Your Hands the Right Way

Research finds only 3 percent of Americans wash correctly. Do you?

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