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About AARP Foundation Litigation

On The Docket: Active in the Courts for You

AARP Foundation Litigation participates both in litigation cases as well as filing amicus or friend-of-the-court briefs. Explore recent cases (in reverse chronological order of activity) in which AARP Foundation Litigation has filed, or that have been decided by the court. View an alphabetical case listing by issue area, under "Find Legal Cases."


AARP Foundation Litigation (AFL) is an advocate in courts nationwide for the rights of people 50 and older, addressing diverse legal issues that affect their daily lives and assuring that they have a voice in the judicial system.

AARP Foundation Litigation expertise spans many specific areas of federal and state law, including:

(The cases accessible through the hyperlinks above list cases in which AFL has been active, listed in reverse chronological order)

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Find Legal Cases

Find cases, listed in alphabetical order, in which AFL has advocated in courts nationwide for the rights of older persons, and filed amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) briefs that help courts decide precedent-setting cases.

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In The Spotlight

Dental Hygienists will Continue to Provide Life-Saving Dental Care

AARP Foundation Litigation helped win a case against the California Department of Health Care Services to continue providing life-saving dental care for developmentally disabled and elderly people in care facilities.

Senate Hearing on the Aging American Workforce

AARP Foundation Litigation's age discrimination expert Laurie McCann testified before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging regarding "America's Aging Workforce: Opportunities and Challenges."

U.S. Supreme Court Preview, 2017

AARP Foundation Litigation presents a discussion of cases before the Court during the upcoming term, highlighting those having a significant impact on people age 50 and older.

AFL Continues Efforts in Support of the Department of Labor's Conflict of Interest Regulation

AARP Foundation Litigation has filed amicus briefs in multiple courts in support of the regulation requiring investment advisors working on retirement plan accounts to operate in the “best interest” of customers.

AFL's Continued Support of DOL's Conflict of Interest Regulation and Addressing Fixed Indexed Annuities

AARP Foundation Litigation filed amicus briefs in the two most recent appeals courts to accept briefing in support of the regulation requiring investment advisors working on retirement plan accounrts to operate in the "best interest" of customers, and to ensure that the recommendation of fixed indexed annuities also is in their best interest.

AARP and AARP Foundation Successfully Challenge California's Failure to Enforce Against Nursing Facilities for Patient Dumping

In 2016, AARP and AARP Foundation notified the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that California was failing to enforce the Nursing Home Reform Act by failing to have a system for adjudicating resident appeals when a nursing facility resident is involuntarily discharged from a facility. On August 17, 2017, California was notified that it must promptly make corrective actions for residents who successfully challenge such a discharge – also known as patient dumping.

In the News

Court Rules to Vacate EEOC Wellness Rules

AARP successfully convinced the D.C. District Court to vacate the EEOC’s 2016 wellness rules. The court made the rules ineffective as of January 1, 2019—two years sooner than the agency proposed to take to issue new rules. This is a major victory for AARP and workers because it means two fewer years of coercive penalties imposed on employees who exercise their civil right to keep private information private in the workplace.

Labor Force Participation in an Aging Population

Eisenberg, of "Next Avenue" delves into the persistence and prevalence of age discrimination in employment after a Senate hearing highlighted the issue, and included testimony from AFL's McCann.

AARP in Support of Maryland's Anti-Drug-Price-Gouging Law

AARP filed a friend of the court brief in AAM v. Frosh supporting Maryland's law to prevent the predatory practice of unconscionable increases in generic drug prices. Drug pricing requires many older people to spend a disproportionate amount of their income on their medications.

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