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Understanding the Financial Health of Low-to-Moderate Income Adults

Understanding the Financial Health of Low-to-Moderate Income Adults

The financial health challenges facing the low- to moderate-income 50+ are deep, complex, and interconnected, but they are not unsolvable. An informative new report written by CFSI (Center for Financial Services Innovation) and funded by AARP Foundation, underscores the difficult financial situation facing many older adults in America, especially those in the low- to moderate-income range. Learn more about this research.

Tackling Senior Poverty: Programs and Services

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We’re tackling social isolation by exploring creative ways to help older adults connect and stay connected — to each other and to their communities

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Work for Yourself@50+

Work for Yourself@50+ guides older adults through a process to help them decide whether being self-employed is the right choice for them.

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AARP Foundation Experience Corps

Experience Corps helps older volunteers maintain a sense of purpose by helping young students become better readers

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Legal Advocacy

AARP Foundation attorneys protect the rights of older adults, making sure they have a voice in the nation’s courts.


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