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Employers want the skill and experience older workers have to offer. Our workforce programs provide older workers with the resources and training they need to compete with confidence for in-demand jobs. Learn more

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AARP Foundation The face of poverty isn't who you think it is.


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Countdown to National Good Neighbor Day, Saturday, September 28

AARP Foundation Connect2Affect Good Neighbor Day promotion

Keep connecting — not just on National Good Neighbor Day but all year 'round!

National Good Neighbor Day is an opportunity for all of us to come together and celebrate our neighbors. This year, we invite you to join AARP Foundation Connect2Affect in the celebration! Share your Good Neighbor Day moments on social media with #GoodNeighborDay2019.

Family members and neighbors are often the first to notice the signs of isolation but may not know how to interpret them – or what to do about them. For ideas on how to (re)connect with family and neighbors on National Good Neighbor Day, September 28, and all year 'round, visit Connect2Affect.

Innovation at AARP Foundation See More

In 2019, AARP Foundation is launching new tools designed to equip low-income older adults with skills and resources to increase financial stabiliy and connection to their communities.

AARP Foundation MySavingsJar

AARP Foundation MySavingsJar helps low-income families and older working adults start the habit of saving monthly so that they can have more control over their expenses and move from financial stress to financial freedom. Learn more

AARP Foundation Property Tax Aide

AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide

AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide is a comprehensive solution that enables low-income older adults to age in place by providing access to property tax refund and credit programs.
Learn more

AARP Foundation Self-Saver

AARP Foundation Self-Saver

AARP Foundation Self-Saver is a bookkeeping and tax preparation tool designed to help self-employed older adults withhold and submit quarterly taxes with ease.
Learn more

Connect2Affect Connected Communities

Connect2Affect Connected Communities

Connected Communities is a voice-activated assistant and community management platform that empowers resident services coordinators to help residents be happier, healthier, and more connected. Learn more


Volunteer Opportunities in Your Community

Put Your Skills to Work

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide offers free in-person preparation and assistance to anyone who can’t afford a tax preparation service. As a volunteer you can make a difference by helping taxpayers, and their families, who might otherwise miss out on tax credits and deductions.

The program is seeking volunteer tax preparers, client facilitators, those who can provide technical and management assistance and interpreters. Every level of experience is welcome. Sign up today!

A Man Tutors Students in School, AARP Foundation Experience Corps

Become a Reading Tutor

AARP Foundation Experience Corps

AARP Foundation Experience Corps is a proven program made up of volunteers who are dedicated to helping children become great readers before completing third grade. Working collaboratively with teachers and other volunteers, you can change the course of a child's life by sharing your wisdom and experience.

As an Experience Corps volunteer you can help  change a child's future by helping them learn to read. Learn more and sign up today!  

BACK TO WORK 50+ Success Stories: Meet Lisa and Gabe

AARP Foundation BACK TO WORK 50+ Lisa Edmonds Success Story

How Lisa Got Her (Job) Groove Back

When Lisa Edmond was just shy of 18 years old, she started working at Sears, Roebuck & Co., in the still-under-construction Sears Tower in Chicago. It was 1974, and she was fresh out of high school; bright-eyed, loyal and ready to work. In 2016, more than four decades after she joined the company, Sears laid her off. At 60 years old, Lisa Edmond was looking for work.

AARP Foundation BACK TO WORK Gabe Menvielle

Gabe: Building the Skills to Move Forward

Gabe Menvielle can’t prove it, but he’s fairly certain his age, 55, factored into his struggle to find a job. “It was an unusually low response rate. I’d send 50 résumés out, and I wouldn’t hear back from 45 of them. That would never have happened before, with my background. I have experience with software companies and nonprofits, good companies. I worked for the symphony, the Florida Philharmonic. I thought, ‘Am I invisible? What’s going on?’”

Tackling Senior Poverty: Programs and Services

Mature man embracing younger man


We’re tackling social isolation by exploring creative ways to help older adults connect and stay connected — to each other and to their communities

Woman Child Reading, Smiles, Braids, Experience Corps Volunteer

Experience Corps

AARP Foundation Experience Corps helps older volunteers maintain a sense of purpose by helping young students become better readers

Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.,

Legal Advocacy

AARP Foundation attorneys protect the rights of older adults, making sure they have a voice in the nation’s courts.

African American man thinking

Work for Yourself

Work for Yourself@50+ guides older adults through a process to help them decide whether being self-employed is the right choice for them.


Charity Rating

AARP Foundation earns a high rating for accountability from a leading charity evaluator.

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