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Grants Program

Grantmaking at AARP Foundation

AARP Foundation Grantmaking

Our Unique Approach

Grantmaking at AARP Foundation supports sustainable, real-world solutions to the fundamental challenges facing low-income older adults. We collaborate with grantee and partner organizations to identify evidence-based projects that transform lives and communities — projects that we know can be expanded nationwide. Through grants, the Foundation enables grantees to help more people, work more efficiently, bring proven new approaches to scale, and make resources go further.

Grantees Resources

We support grantees in refining their program by providing robust technical assistance and grantee resources.

What We Fund

Grants Database

Browse and search a comprehensive database of open and closed grants funded by AARP Foundation.

Grantee Profiles

Learn more about selected grantees who exemplify the great work being undertaken to improve the lives of older adults across the country.

Types of Grants

During an active RFP period, eligible organizations are invited to submit applications through our Grantee Portal.

What We Do Not Fund

  • Grants for individuals
  • Capital campaigns
  • Debt retirement or operating deficits
  • Endowments or reserve funds  
  • Political organizations or campaigns
  • Lobbying legislators or influencing elections
  • Sponsorship of fundraising events    
  • Marketing endeavors and personal research
  • Organizations located outside the United States or its territories
  • Indirect expenses unrelated to the project being funded

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