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Classic Cars

vintage Motel T Ford

Stars and the Cars They Drive

Oprah, Ellen, Leno and more — who drives what, where and when

1938 VW Beetle.

The Evolution of Car Design

A look at the iconic vehicles that have changed with technology — and the times 

Classic Car Safety

Keep Your Classic Car Safe

6 safety upgrades to keep in mind when shopping around for your vintage vehicle

Your Membership

Technology & Safety

dashboard of self driving car

The Road to Self-Driving Cars

Technology will transform the way we travel, but we're far from fully autonomous vehicles

jim leaham standing next to two electric cars

Travel Becomes Electric

A week with two battery-powered cars was a real charge but also a bit draining

7 Distracted Driving Tips The best advice for keeping your eyes safely on the road

9 Distracted Driving Tips

There are many possible distractions while driving. Here are some tips to make sure you're practicing safety first

Auto Design Trends

2019 Transit Connect Wagon

Ford Markets a Boomer-Mobile

The redesigned minivan is envisioned as a vehicle for active retirees

Woman Using Smartphone While Driving Car, Avoid Distractions, AARP Driver Safety

Avoid Distracted Driving

Distractions can cause even the most experienced drivers to make dangerous mistakes

Cars and Travel

Senior man pouring Antifreeze windshield washer liquid during winter snow storm.

How to Winterize Your Car  

Drivers should follow these steps to stay safe in the cold and snow 

Black and White Statue, Babes Muffler Service, Look Out for Muffler Men

Must-See Roadside Attractions

Bring your selfie sticks, these American landmarks are worth a detour

couple on a roadtrip driving a jeep

4 Fabulous Long-Weekend Road Trips

Try one of these quick trips through Louisiana, Colorado, Virginia or Oregon


EMP Museum, Seattle

Need a Ride? You Have Options

Discover the right apps to keep you moving when you don't have a car or have stopped driving

Lois E. Carlisle, AARP Texas and other organizations push for ‘complete streets’ legislation

Uber to the ER?

People are using ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft in cases of emergency, especially when going to the hospital


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